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PLUS: 5 Of Today's Most-Popular Exercise Fads You Should AVOID
If You Want To Lose 'Resistant' Fat

Dear friend,

Did you know? The circulation and blood flowing to your 'stubborn' body parts decreases more and more as each year passes...

This lack of blood flow leads to the formation of what's now known as 'resistant' fat cells making it nearly impossible to tone your body's trouble spots—especially if you're over 35 years old.

In fact, scientific research[1] has confirmed it...

WITHOUT optimizing the ONE hormone responsible for delivering blood flow to 'stubborn' body parts your fat cells become 'trapped' – leading to a condition known as 'Resistant Fat Syndrome'.

These resistant fat cells are the root cause of accelerated-aging inside your body leading to…

... excessive fat storage ... hormonal imbalances… declining energy levels… sleep disturbances… decreased sex drive… aches and pains… and today's most-deadly diseases.

Doctors, personal trainers, dieticians, gurus and the like will all tell you 'resistant' fat is just part of 'getting older' when in reality, the latest science has uncovered the real secret

The Secret Is 'Hidden'
Deep Inside Your Brain!

That's right!

Lying dormant at the base of your brain is a tiny pea-sized organ which holds the 'key' to increasing blood flow to your body's 'resistant' fat cells.

It's called your pituitary and it acts as the body's 'master gland' because it secretes your body's SUPER HORMONE…

The same hormone responsible for regulating your weight and controlling your metabolic rate.

In as little as 4 to 10 minutes you can stimulate your brain to instantly release this 'Super Hormone' creating a powerful anti-aging, metabolic effect...

  • It automatically increases blood flow to blast away the 'resistant' fat stuck on your stomach, hips, love handles, butt and thighs…
  • It increases the 'youth-enhancing' chemicals responsible for preventing today's most deadly diseases and increasing your lifespan…
  • It curbs your appetite by ensuring carbs get used as muscle fuel… or burned as energy… rather than being stored as fat…
  • It increases brain neurotransmitters making you feel more clearheaded… improving the quality of your thinking and jumpstarting motivation.
  • It gives your body and skin a 'glow' that will stay with you throughout each day.

In just a moment I'm going to reveal how you can coax your pituitary to release this super hormone—instantly increasing blood flow to stubborn body parts—incinerating your body's most resistant fat cells...

The benefits are enormous, and believe me, if you start using this unique way of moving right away (like right after you're done reading this) it won't be long at all until you become positively addicted to this 'youth-enhancing' fat-loss shortcut.

This protocol works—and it works FAST. You will start to lose weight immediately.

Your stomach will shrink… your thighs
will get tighter… your backside will 'lift'…
your 'love handles' will quickly start to disappear…

In as little as 14 days from now you will SEE your body transform FASTER than ever before.

All you need to do is follow along with us step-by-step and we'll show you EXACTLY how you can stimulate this pea-sized, fat-burning powerhouse to release this anti-aging Super Hormone...

And believe it or not, it's remarkably simple to do!

ATTENTION: If your body can handle any type of exercise you throw at it because you're young and agile… or you think your dream body is found in a joint-jarring Crossfit box… or spinning in circles for hours on end… or doing aerobics til you dropthis 10-minute Super Hormone activator is NOT for you.

This belly-fat meltdown protocol was designed solely for people who want to boost their aging metabolism, protect their joints, prevent injury, and quickly tighten and tone their trouble spots—all while saving time and turning back their biological clock in as little as 14 days.

Make sure you read every word below because once you uncover this super hormone activating secret, you'll NEVER have these concerns or worries again—EVER.

If you've ever attempted to use one of today's most popular workouts to achieve your goals there are several negative side-effects you need to be aware of...

Why Today's Most-Popular Exercises
Will NEVER Release The SUPER HORMONE Responsible For Burning
The 'Resistant' Fat Cells Trapped Inside
Your Stubborn Body Parts

What If Everything You've Been Told About Using Today's Most-Popular Exercise Methods Is Dead-Wrong?

When you've been in the fitness industry helping people all over the world for over 2 decades—like we have—and you want to know the REAL truth about the effects of today's exercise fads... can't trust or rely on your social media feed.

You have to look directly at the latest published scientific research.

As we closely analyzed the latest studies for today's most popular exercise methods we began to see an emerging trend…

All the people we coached over the age of 35 were NON-responsive to conventional exercise methods making them ineffective for transforming your stubborn body parts (many cause your body more harm than good).

Here's exactly why 5 of the world's biggest exercise trends will NEVER release your body's Super Hormonemaking it nearly impossible for you to burn the resistant fat trapped inside your 'stubborn' body parts.

If you truly want to lose belly fat while targeting, sculpting, and transforming your problem areas make sure you're NOT falling for the misleading exercise advice below… especially #5.

It is by far—the worst.

Exercise Fad #1: CrossFit

CrossFit has done an amazing job creating a loyal following through friendly (and intense) competition so I definitely give them credit for that!

Unfortunately, the ballistic movements used with this type of exercise can put your body at serious potential risk for injury and joint pain.

The most recent published research study claims there is a low level of evidence[2] supporting benefits of CrossFit training.

It also went on to say...

"Injury rates with CrossFit training are similar to that reported in the literature for sports such as Olympic weight-lifters and gymnastics."

Hardly the type of exercise anybody would use to get leaner or quickly lose weight—especially if you're over 35 years old like we are.

And here's the REAL question about Crossfit… how will these ballistic movements make your joints feel 5… 10… 15 years from now?

Just thinking about this is a bit scary to us, which is one of the many reasons I created the 'Super Hormone' stimulating solution below.

Exercise Fad #2: Yoga

You probably know by now Yoga can improve your flexibility and it's also known as a great stress reliever.

This is fine and dandy if this is your primary goal… but yoga does NOT stimulate your Super Hormone or increase the blood-flowing to areas of your body that are holding on to sticky, resistant fat.

And if you're not flexible to begin with, yoga can be very intimidating.

Bottom line: yoga is 'healthy'... however, it's just not effective for toning a pesky resistant spot like the back of your arms, your stubborn belly fat, or even the fat stuck on your hips and backside! Period.

The reason is simple…

In order to target and transform specific 'problem-areas' you need to incorporate proven methods which are designed to release the hormone responsible for increasing blood flow to your body's 'resistant' fat cells.

This is something that yoga simply cannot and will not do.

Exercise Fad #3: Spinning

Spin classes can be fun, if you like torturing yourself until your butt is aching and bruised.

Yes, you'll burn some calories, no doubt, and 45 to 60 minutes later you definitely end up with a leg-stimulating workout… but is it really necessary?

The simple answer is NO—it's not.

Spinning classes do NOT incorporate movements and exercises that can stimulate your pituitary gland to release the 'Super Hormone' necessary for shrinking and incinerating 'resistant' pockets of fat.

There's a smarter, BETTER way to move... and as you'll soon discover, it requires far LESS time and effort.

Exercise Fad #4: Pilates

One published research paper called, The effect of Pilates exercises on body composition: a systematic review, observed, "Several methodological flaws." [3]

This particular paper looked at seven individual Pilates studies to analyze them for their effectiveness and the results were disappointing to say the least.

The conclusion?

"Lack of true experimental research designs and measurement techniques"… and "Inconsistent instructor qualifications." [3]

While there's no doubt Pilates can be effective for increasing flexibility and even improving core strength…

... it does not (and will not) stimulate your body's 'master gland' to create the blood flow necessary for combating 'resistant' fat.

Of course, let's not forget paying for classes and fighting traffic so you can have access to this big, bulky, complicated looking machine.

Keep reading to uncover the 10-minute alternative you can use instead ensuring you'll get the results you want… and truly deserve!

Exercise Fad #5: Cardio

By far, the WORST type of exercise for your heart, thyroid, and belly fat is cardio.

According to the latest research studies [6-8], it looks like almost everyone in the entire exercise and fitness industry have ALL been fooled by the 'cardio lie'.

Years ago we bought into the lies!

Until we looked at the research and it just kept piling up… study after study…

5 SCARY Reasons You Should Avoid Cardio[6-8]

A study in the prestigious journal Obesity (15:1496-1512) found after an entire year (a total of 300 hours of cardio) men lost an average 6 measly pounds and women lost only 4! [6]

When you do the simple match it ends up being about 50 hours of cardio per ONE pound of weight lost… making it a total waste of time and effort.

Can you imagine?  One hour per day, six days per week for an entire YEAR—only to lose 4-6 pounds!

It gets even worse…

Another surprising published research study from Obesity Reviews (Vol. 13 Issue 6) concluded cardio doesn't work for two specific reasons:

Reason #1: It increases hunger levels (people who add cardio eat more calories than they're supposed to).

Reason #2: Calorie-burning, lean muscle-tissue is often lost, which is terrible news because it not only makes you look 'skinny fat'… it means you'll burn LESS calories each day.

The next study (Mayo Clinic Proceedings-Vol. 87(6):587-95) is a downright terrifying reason to stop doing cardio…

Researchers concluded excessive cardio can damage your heart—the exact opposite reason we do cardio to begin with… so much for faster weight-loss and a healthier heart![8]

It's common sense when you think about it.

Your heart is a muscle. Just like any other muscle on your body you over-train… if you don't let it recover you begin to damage it.

Clearly…  trying to use lots of cardio for weight-loss and a healthier heart is just NOT worth the risks.

Furthermore, who has that kind of time for exercise?

By the time you factor in driving to the gym, changing, showering, and driving back home it's practically an entire morning, afternoon or evening WASTED.

Listen, today's most popular workouts… CrossFit… Yoga… Spinning… Pilates… Cardio… ALL of them are 'healthy' for you in small doses.

However… the published research studies tell the real story...

They'll NEVER help you coax your brain into secreting the 'youth enhancing' chemical necessary to help you fight the aging process or eliminate 'resistant' fat.  

Now don't get frustrated! Get even.

It's simple to transform and tone-up your fattest body parts to look their BEST EVER using the time-efficient protocols below.

You just need to use the specific movements and intensity levels proven to release the super hormone responsible for dissolving 'resistant' fat cells

There's A Secret Way Of Moving Allowing You To AVOID These Negative Side-Effects—While Burning Fat FASTER

Why is this simple strategy NEVER talked about by fitness professionals and personal trainers?

Because it's something we were never taught!

All the years of studying… the certifications on our walls… the thousands of hours we spent training our clients one-on-one… the celebrity transformations you'll see below…

… the published articles in today's most popular magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers.

Target heart rate cardio… sit-ups and crunches… today's most popular workouts…

Until we discovered the latest research and science we were convinced these were the solutions.

And this is exactly why you're not to blame and it's actually our fault!

We always had the best of intentions so we only recommended the things our education taught us were best.

Unfortunately, we had to accept the scientific facts... it was all based on MYTHS.

My name is Dan Long and today I'm going to share why I teamed up with one of the world's most innovative Personal Trainers and Fat Loss Coaches in the world to give you the TRUTH.... and the solution.

The Most Important Exercise
Discovery Of The Last 50 Years

It all came to light when we came across the cutting-edge research below in our quest to help Catherine. A busy working mom from Northern California.

Her real-life, inspiring story ended up being her life's biggest blessing in disguise because it led to the discovery of the fat-burning shortcut below…

Which directly stimulates your brain to use 'resistant' fat-cells for fuel by TURNING ON your body's Super Hormone.

It was just another beautiful day in Tampa, Florida when I received an emotional phone call from one of my old clients, Catherine.

She was at the grocery store, and as she pushed her cart up to the checkout the cashier greeted her by saying, "It's a great day to go shopping with your granddaughter, isn't it?"

The only problem is she wasn't with her granddaughter.

In fact, she didn't even have any grandkids… she was with her OWN teenage daughter.

She was shocked. Embarrassed. Humiliated.

She didn't know what to say, so she just blushed.

Then it got even worse.

Her daughter boasted, "Hey, that's my MOM – not my Grandma!"

It was a moment she would NEVER forget. Her face turned beet-red and she couldn't even look the cashier in the eye.

After a moment of awkward silence, the cashier mumbled, "I'm so sorry ma'am. I didn't realize."

As she shared her heartfelt story with me she said, "Dan, I knew I had gained weight since having kids but I had no idea THAT was how people saw me…a chubby, frumpy Grandma!"

This was the tipping-point for Catherine. A humiliated mom who knew it was time to the lose unwanted weight—no matter what it took.

Spending the rest of her life being overweight and looking like she was a few years away from a nursing home was NOT an option.

So I gave her everything I had just like I do for all my clients.

The first thing I did was coach her through the typical list of conventional exercise and diet advice…

  • Cardio or aerobics for 30 minutes or longer at least 4-5 days per week to burn additional calories
  • Ab routines to increase core-strength and prevent injury
  • A low calorie, low carb diet ( consisting of less than 1,000 calories per day to start with)
  • Avoid all processed foods and maintain a calorie-deficit each day
  • In addition to the extra cardio, I also encouraged her to try CrossFit, Yoga, Spinning or even Pilates if she wanted to...

Now I'm embarrassed to admit this…but I even tried having her use a "fat burner" supplement.

Hey, I was desperate.

I didn't know what else to do and we all do things we regret when desperation rears its ugly head.


I was just about ready to give up on her so I had to remind myself…

Giving up on my clients and students is just NOT in my blood.

My only choice was to reach out to my personal fat-loss coach and mentor…

He always told me, "Dan, always remember… there are two ways to find solutions to your problems… 1) make mistakes or 2) seek guidance from your mentor."

And I was tired of making stupid mistakes.

His name is Craig Ballantyne and we secretly call him the Fitness Godfather because of his superior knowledge and leadership in the fitness industry.

The first thing Craig asked me when I presented him with this dilemma was, "How old is Catherine?"

When I told him she was in her early 50s he immediately replied, "Somatopause".

"Somato what?" I said scratching my head.

And this is what led to the discovery of Catherine's real problem


The #1 Reason Your Body
Holds On To 'Resistant' Fat

After you turn age 35 your body enters into a phase of life known as 'somatopause'…

… this is when your body's pituitary gland releases lower and lower amounts of growth hormone into the bloodstream.

Otherwise known as Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.[4,5]

Many doctors and researchers claim people already have elderly levels of growth hormone by age 35.

Clinical studies have shown a direct correlation between this decline and the effects it has on aging, which leads to a number of metabolic problems…

Symptoms Of Adult
Growth Hormone Deficiency Include

  • Excess fat-storage, especially around the waist, hips, and upper belly region
  • Anxiety and depression (brain fog and lack of focus)
  • Decreased sexual function and interest (low libido and erectile disfunction)
  • Fatigue and lack of motivation to take on daily tasks
  • Higher triglyceride levels (contributes to blocked blood vessels)
  • Greater sensitivity to heat and cold (night sweats and unexpected chills)
  • Loss of precious calorie-burning muscle tissue (a scary condition known as 'sarcopenia')
  • Less strength and lower stamina (slower healing)
  • Reduced bone density (weakness of bone strength)
  • High levels of bad cholesterol (increasing risk of heart attack)
  • Accelerated aging (skin wrinkles, grey hair and organ damage)
  • Increased levels of 'resistant' fat (the leading cause of obesity and disease)

WITHOUT adequate growth hormone levels the body literally breaks down, wears out and falls apart.

On average after age 35 body fat expands by 50%, while the lean body mass (LBM),  which forms muscles, bones, and vital organs actually shrinks by 30%.

This means growth hormone levels in the body are cut in HALF by age 60.

Even if you exercise and eat properly, if you're 35 years or older and suffer from one or more of these symptoms somatopause is to blame...

Somatopause could be creating a LETHAL problem lurking inside your body without you even knowing it—which is associated with fat-storage, pain, sickness and even early death!

And Catherine had nearly EVERY symptom.

After I shared her real-life story of trying EVERYTHING… Craig initially recommended one of the ONLY things he had left in his fat loss vault—High Intensity Interval Training.

You see… for years and years we were misled to believe that MORE exercise means MORE results, which is the main reason why marathon-type cardio became so mainstream.

Then, in 1999, the once-famous Muscle Media magazine published an article on a new type of training called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short).

It's been gaining popularity ever since, which is why you may have heard of it by now.

At first glance HIIT looks like the magical solution to replacing traditional long-duration cardio and other exercises.

It has been shown to take much less time than traditional cardio…

... it can temporarily increase the metabolism, burns more calories than low-intensity exercise, helps prevent muscle loss associated with long-duration training…

And it can obviously be a great cardiovascular workout.

HOWEVER… there's a catch you MUST be aware of!

You see, this style of training was originally popularized by Olympic athletes, professional sprinters and Japanese speed skaters in the late 1990s.

This comes with a few serious problems for any person over 35 years old …

First, the intensity levels required are VERY extreme


Second, every one of these athletes are in their late teens and early 20s.

Somatopause isn't even on their radar...

Unless you're under 30 years old you should AVOID HIIT for a variety of reasons which can damage your metabolism and hinder your results.

The Problem With Traditional
High Intensity Interval Training

  • Only works one or two muscle groups (LIMITING super hormone activation & minimizing calorie burn)
  • LACK of blood flow necessary to 'target' stubborn body parts
  • Burns carbs for fuel—instead of burning 'resistant' fat-cells
  • High risk of Adrenal Fatigue (overstresses the adrenal glands)
  • Extreme chance of injury, fatigue, and burn out

HIIT Does NOT Work For The Average Person Because The 'ALL-OUT' Sprinting Style Intensity Levels Required Are Designed For Professional Athletes & Olympians Who Are UNDER 30 Years Old

Additionally, when you put the research studies side-by-side comparing traditional workouts, like cardio, to high intensity interval training the end results are remarkably similar.

So WHY would anybody expose their body to these high-risk factors?

After dealing with Catherine we thought the same thing…

We knew there HAD to be a legitimate way for the millions of people suffering from somatopause to get faster results.

Then it dawned on us.

Craig is 42... I'm 46... Why weren't WE suffering from the same symptoms of somatopause as everyone else our age?

I'll tell you how we figured it out in just a second...

Now unfortunately, Craig isn't a family man with a wife and kids like I am.

Oh, trust me, it's the one thing missing in his life.

He often mentions how he longs for the white picket fence... the wife... the kids... the dog.

But the good lord has called Craig to lead, serve and be a coach helping others transform their bodies—all while building his army of trainers instead…

Which is why he's become a world-traveler certifying personal trainers all over the world and putting on his wildly popular seminars. 

And although it takes its toll—he knows it's his "calling" in life.


Craig's crazy travel schedule is what led to the discovery of the Super Hormone Activator below…

While Craig was on the road traveling 180 days (basically half) of each year he didn't have a choice if he wanted to maintain his integrity.

So in order to stay in tip-top shape as he hit his 40s and beyond the Fitness Godfather created an innovative way to move and exercise—using JUST his bodyweight.

His favorite places to perform these uncommon exercises were in his hotel room… at the closest park… on the rooftop… by the pool.

Other times, it took a lot of courage and even overcoming embarrassment because...

They Laughed Out Loud At Him When He Started Using His Unique Bodyweight Movements In The Oddest Locations...
But When He Took Off His Shirt!

Sometimes there was just no other choice, if Craig wanted to continue being a leader and example for our industry he had to get it done in some very unusual spots.

Whether it was South Beach in Miami in front of hundreds of spring breakers, popular beaches in Mexico, Thailand, and Spain, campgrounds in Eastern Europe, and even on the sidewalks of Tokyo!

One day a crowd of people even laughed out loud at Craig when he started using his Super Hormone Activating Sequences in the lounge at the Copenhagen airport...

But when he took off his shirt it was anything but funny. They were impressed.

There was no other choice simply because of time and environment restrictions.

It didn't matter where he was on planet Earth, the Fitness Godfather's unique way of moving allowed him to defy aging, while keeping his six-pack abs year round.

Whenever he would get back home he was so addicted to this time-saving, youth-enhancing way of moving he just used his office at work.

Why bother fighting traffic, waiting for machines, or dealing with finding the right equipment?

Little Did He Know At The Time...
This New Way Of Moving Held The Secret To
Helping People OVERCOME Somatopause

As he carried out his life's mission trying to build his own tribe of fitness professionals and trainers using traditional textbook methods, he couldn't help but notice something strange was going on…

All of his students and trainers who were in their late 30s, 40s and 50s looking for a career change were surprisingly overweight and struggling to stay in shape.

And they all had the same reasons for not achieving their goals...

  • No time (busy career and family life)
  • Limited access to equipment or gym membership
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • No clear direction, coaching or guidance on how to get the fastest results possible for their age category

Craig had to come up with a solution based on his aggressive goal and life's mission of helping 10 million people transform their bodies and get into the best shape of their lives.

He also knew the limitations of today's most popular exercises…

How there were too many dangers associated with High Intensity Interval Training for people over 35 who were going through somatopause.

So he did something he's never done before…

He decided to test the proven science behind the concept of saving time with High Intensity Interval Training and combine it with the unique bodyweight movements he used while traveling the world building his tribe.

Finally, after days… weeks… months of scouring through metabolic research and experimenting on himself and REAL people (like you) Craig nailed it...

A time-saving, user-friendly protocol which directly stimulates your pituitary gland to consistently release 'pulses' of Growth Hormone into your blood stream where it can deliver blood to stubborn body parts and incinerate 'resistant' fat-cells. 

He coined his new discovery, "SUPER HORMONE Activation Sequences" and...

… the first thing he realized was every person he coached—from every age category—could get better, FASTER results than HIIT WITHOUT putting their body in harm's way.

FASTER & Better Than
High Intensity Interval Training WITHOUT  The Hidden Dangers

Fast forward three years and Craig had directly created 153 of his own "Certified Personal Trainers" from 12 different countries!

Now that Craig had built his tribe of trainers his lofty goal of helping 10 million people didn't seem so unrealistic anymore!

He officially had built his 'army' and it didn't take long before the success stories started pouring in

Now you might be wondering...

"What ever happened to Catherine?"

It was a sticky situation when Craig and I first asked her to take the before picture.

After all, she had tried EVERYTHING under the sun and couldn't lose a pound when she first started taking our advice. We were sure she was losing confidence in us...

But it sure paid off once we showed her exactly how to activate her body's Super Hormone.

Just see for yourself...

17 Pounds Of 'Resistant' Fat GONE.
A New Body… A New Life…
A New Catherine!

Her friends called it a miracle transformation and her family was dying to know all about her secret weapon.

She looked 10 years younger. She was beaming with confidence.

You can see it in her smile.

Best of all was how proud Catherine's daughter was of her... and you can't put a price tag on something like that!

It All Came Back To That One-Defining Moment..

The day she experienced the most humiliating moment of her life at the grocery store with her daughter.

It triggered a change in Catherine.

For the first time in her life this working mom decided to do it for herself and no one else…

… because she realized EVERYONE else around her (especially her daughter) would benefit.

And as each day that passed she got stronger... not just physically—mentally.

She began to see life through more positive lenses… she had a "glow" that stayed with her throughout each day.

Her newfound confidence became an infectious light for others and everyone around her became 'proud' of her.

Catherine became a living, walking billboard which inspired others to be better. It didn't take her long to realize the benefits reached FAR beyond just fat loss.

Now it's time to rewrite YOUR own story just like Catherine did.

If you have unexpectedly gained extra weight over the last few years then you're probably experiencing one or more symptoms of somatopause…

Abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, fatigue, skin wrinkles, decreased sexual interest, loss of strength, weaker bones, memory loss, difficulty concentrating and increased formation of 'resistant' fat-cells…

And if you are over 35 years old it means you are at an increased risk for all these health concerns.

The good news is you're just like Catherine so this decline in growth hormone is NOT programmed into your genes!

You can quickly reverse this downward spiral by avoiding today's trendy exercises using the fat-burning shortcut below proven to 'wake up' your pituitary [1]...

the tiny pea-sized gland in the front of your brain responsible for "squirting" Growth Hormone into your blood stream. [5]

Just Follow These 3 Simple Steps
To Instantly Activate Your Body's


There are 3 simple 'keys' to activating your body's super hormone in 10 minutes or less… when you combine all three together it becomes a LETHAL weapon in your fight against fat and deadly diseases.

Step #1: Growth Hormone Activator

Stimulates your pituitary to release an all-natural SURGE of Growth Hormone

Most people isolate specific muscle groups in hopes of toning and sculpting, but the research indicates this is really just a waste of time because…

LESS fat calories are burned… LESS blood flow is created… and NO anti-aging hormones are released.

Without stimulating your pituitary to activate your 'Super Hormone' your 'resistant' fat cells become 'trapped' so they will never be released.

The solution?

Use our specific evidence-based bodyweight movements below, which engage multiple muscle groups at one time using three keys…

Strategic anti-aging movements… strategic rep-ranges… and strategic rest periods.

When you combine all three keys together it creates a synergistic effect, which directly stimulates your pituitary gland.

Research from American Journal of Physiology confirms this is what triggers your body to release 771% MORE growth hormone.[6]

What does this mean for YOU?

It means MORE of your body's super hormone is released. MORE blood flow is generated (see step 2 below). And MORE fat calories are burned.

Step #2: Capillary Blood Flow Generator

Creates strategic blood flow to 'target' and tone your fattest body parts

Once you stimulate your pituitary to release a surge of Growth Hormone your body instantly increases capillary blood flow for FASTER Fat Loss…

This is where the magic begins to happen because research shows the blood flow generated increases the burning of 'resistant' fat-cells inside your body's most stubborn pockets of fat.[1]

Simply put, when you follow along with us and stimulate your body's most stubborn body parts—the 'resistant' fat in that area will be "burned off" first—instead of last.

The main reason this happens is because the number of capillaries in fat tissue is much greater than the number found in muscle...

... so more blood flow will allow your super hormone to travel to the areas of your body that are holding onto 'stubborn' fat.

Now you can instantly force blood to travel directly to your hard-to-get-rid-of areas allowing you to quickly SEE your body get tighter, firmer and younger...

And you can do it WITHOUT risking injury or the negative side-effects of exercising for hours on end. 

Get ready to say GOODBYE to stubborn belly fat, love handles, hip flab, man-boobs, and even the extra fat stuck on your backside!

Step #3: Resistant-Fat Cell Incinerator

Releases and burns off your body's most 'stubborn' fat-cells

Step 3 is the most important step because it rapidly releases trapped fat—delivering 'resistant' fat-cells to working muscles where they are immediately used for fuel.

Additionally, the increased oxygen and blood flowing to all your working muscles from following step 2 helps further enhance this effect permanently SHRINKING your body's most 'resistant' fat cells...

All while releasing the 'youth-enhancing' chemicals which help you live longer and fight today's most deadly diseases.

And best of all, this anti-aging effect continues to work its magic for HOURS afterwards.

In the exercise-science world this is often referred to as EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), which is just a fancy word for how long your body will continue to burn fat and calories AFTER you're finished exercising.

Research presented in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows the total amount of calories your body burns is elevated up to 142 percent more than low-effort aerobics within the hour after your workout.[11]

And it doesn't stop there.

A published study in the journal Metabolism shows this potent post-exercise "burn" may persist for up to 48 hours after exercising.[12]

This means you'll burn significantly MORE fat and calories long after the session is over.

ALL in as little as 10-minutes or LESS!

Faster results in LESS time. That's our motto. We have a lot going on in our lives just like you do, so we can't be wasting time.

Which is exactly why Super Hormone Activating Sequences will fit so perfectly into your lifestyle. You can literally cut your exercise time in HALF, while dramatically increasing your results.

It's a superior method for ANYBODY to achieve FASTER fat loss in as little as 10 minutes.

Optimizing Your Body's SUPER HORMONE Is The Secret To Reversing Somatopause

For years and years world-renowned anti-aging doctors and hormone experts have been touting these-rarely talked about positive effects of adequate Growth Hormone levels…

Just Look At The Scientifically Documented Anti-Aging Godsends of Stimulating The Pituitary Gland To Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels [17]

  • Regulates appetite to reduce hunger and cravings
  • Increases breakdown and utilization of deadly visceral-fat
  • Increases amino acid transport into cells and protein synthesis
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Promotes healthy skin, helps reduce reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Cools down inflammation
  • Increases retention of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus
  • Increases kidney flow and filtration
  • Protects bone strength by promoting cartilage growth
  • Enhances immune function
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Sooths joints by increasing collagen synthesis

More Energy. A FLATTER, Firmer Belly. A Longer, Healthier Life.

It's super simple. ANYBODY can do it. And when you do you'll feel great about yourself.

You'll start to 'feel' the benefits immediately!

In as little as 4 to 10 minutes per day you can give your pituitary gland the direct simulation necessary to release the precise amount of 'youth-enhancing' growth hormone responsible for melting resistant fat and increasing your lifespan…

It will FOREVER change the way you move and exercise…

However... since Craig and I have helped Catherine and thousands of other people across the globe it's opened our eyes to one, unfiltered, un-watered down FACT about HOW people succeed.

It all boils down to this…

Without A Coach To Follow-Along With
Step-By-Step You'll NEVER Activate
Results You So Deeply Desire

Hollywood movie stars... today's most well-known celebrities... the world's most talented professional athletes... Olympic greats... bodybuilders... fitness models...

All of them have ONE thing in common—and it's NOT their diet.

It's a coach.

They ALL have a trainer or coach SHOWING them exactly what to do.

I know from real-world firsthand experience because Craig has coached me...

And the main reason the Fitness Godfather trusted me enough to join forces is because I've personally trained TV celebrities and professional athletes helping them achieve extraordinary results.

We both know following along with a coach is their secret to success!

Craig said, 'Dan, think about it! You've even went toe-to-toe with one of the most-famous trainers on the planet!"...

I'm sure you can recognize her from the photo below because she was the celebrity star on the world's most popular weight-loss reality TV shows.

You see, there was a very specific reason I called her out…

…After working closely with Craig and discovering his research I knew exactly what had happened to all the contestants she was trying to help—and it wasn't pretty.

Her methods were based on outdated-science and presented a host of metabolic problems for people willing to follow her ineffective advice.

In fact, several years after the show ended NY Times reported [13] the majority of them experienced several dangerous side-effects…

The End Result From Following The Advice Of
Today's Most Popular Celebrity Trainers?

  • Suppressed thyroid function [18]
  • Decreased resting metabolic rate [21]
  • Rapid decline in the body's primary fat-burning hormone—leptin [13]
  • And the majority of them had severe 'rebound' weight-gain… some of them even weigh MORE now than they did before starring on the show! [19,20]

THIS is what happens to your body when you follow today's conventional advice and exercise for hours on end, while trying to stick to a low-calorie, crash diet for any reasonable period of time.

It ultimately ends up destroying your metabolism, while setting you up for rebound weight-gain...

Which is EXACTLY why we teamed up to create the time-saving, 14-day rapid fat loss solution below.

As fitness professionals we were both sick and tired of seeing people fail over and over again following conventional exercise and diet wisdom so it was time do something about it.

Many of our successful transformations tell us we're not just coaches. They call us motivators.

I guess our passion for helping people like you experience the same type of body (and life) transformation Catherine did grabs people's attention.

We designed the evidence-based Super Hormone activating system below to ensure EVERY person who follows along with us gets amazing results.  

We know from our own experiences it's not just about living life with a leaner, healthier body… it's about improving EVERY are of your life.

Your family life… your career… your happiness… and your longevity.

I've looked up to Craig as my own coach and mentor for years, which is why I'm so excited he was willing to team up with me to deliver something extra special… 

Something new… something unique… something ANY person of ANY age can follow.

There will be NO guesswork!

When You Have Access To
This Fat-Burning Shortcut
Age Is Just A Number!

Age… gender… limitations… NONE of this matters because we specifically designed our Super Hormone-Activation Sequences to work best for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

So when you have direct access to our system age is really just a number.

However... if you think your dream body can only be found by spinning in circles, jogging for hours on end, doing aerobics until you drop...

... or joining some super-intense, joint-jarring Crossift box or bootcamp, then our follow-along, super hormone activating system is NOT for you.

Our system is for ANY person who wants to SEE their resistant spots get tighter and their belly get flatter while losing up to 14 pounds in the next 14 days...

WITHOUT time-consuming traditional exercise or starving yourself to death.

Just think about how much easier it will be when we are there EVERY step of the way coaching you on ANY device.

Guidance. Coaching. Encouragement.

EVERYTHING is laid out for you with step-by-step instructions from the very beginning until the very end.

Just follow-along with us using the system below and your success is literally guaranteed.

It's fast. It's simple. And you are never required to do anything unpleasant.

And, as unbelievable as it may sound, this program is FUN.

Yes, you read it right – I said fun.

We make it fun, which is the secret that keeps your motivation high… AND speeds up your results!

Finally! A Surefire Cure For Melting Off Your Body's Most 'Resistant' Fat Cells

Just Look At This Head-To-Head Comparison Of SUPER HORMONE Activation Sequences
Against Today's Time-Consuming Exercise Routines & The Choice Is Obvious

It's easy to see. When you compare your other options the obvious choice is using our 10-minute fat-burning solution...

This 'Follow-Along' Super Hormone
Activating System CANNOT Be Found
Anywhere Else On The Internet

After 20+ years of trial and error, certifying over 153 personal trainers from 12 different countries, helping thousands of regular folks (just like you), and working with Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes one thing is for sure... 

These Super-Hormone activating techniques responsible for melting resistant fat and aging your body BACKWARDS can only be found on THIS page. 

No matter where you go… no matter how short on time you are… no matter what your limitations are… there's no reason for excuses anymore. 

If you can give us as little as 4-10 minutes just a few times per week for 14 days we would like you to accept our challenge and join our community of Super Hormone Activators.

The solution to your weight loss struggles is finally here…

14 Day Belly Fat
Meltdown Challenge

The World's First & Only 'Follow-Along'
Growth Hormone Reactivating System
Designed To Incinerate Up To 14 Pounds Of Your Body's Most 'Resistant' Fat Stores In The Next 14 Days…

  • Directly stimulates your pituitary gland to reactivate your SUPER HORMONE up to 771% [6]
  • Quickly increases capillary blood flow to 'target' the fat stuck on your stubborn body parts [1]
  • Works up to 600+ muscles at ONE time skyrocketing your daily calorie burn increasing your metabolism for up to 48 hour afterwards [11,12]
  • Uses joint-friendly movements and modifications helping ANY person of ANY age look & feel younger
  • Releases the 'youth-enhancing' chemicals responsible for increasing lifespan & preventing today's most deadly diseases [4]
  • Includes Step-By-Step follow-along video coaching instructions from two world-renowned trainers ensuring maximum effectiveness & faster results
  • No fancy equipment required (can be performed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE on ANY device)
  • Incinerates 'resistant' fat cells in just 4-10 minutes giving you a firmer body & flatter belly in record time [1,4]

Before I reveal how we made this Super Hormone activating system affordable for EVERY person…

Here it is...

The Complete 14 Day Belly Fat
Meltdown Challenge System You'll
Get Instant Access To Today...

14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown Challenge
'Follow-Along' Workouts

Reactivate Your SUPER-HORMONE To Melt Up To ONE Pound Of 'Resistant' Fat-Cells In LESS Than 10 Minutes...

Inside the private member's area you'll have instant access to two full weeks of Follow-Along NO-Equipment Super Hormone activating workouts which you can access from ANY device.

We'll literally take you by-the-hand, step-by-step. Every exercise… every rep… and every set you'll be under the instruction of 2 World-Renowned Coaches –
ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness
you can use anywhere, anytime.

When you follow our simple instructions it leads to biochemical and hormonal changes which coax your body to instantly adapt to burning 'resistant' FAT for energy.

You'll feel different immediately. You'll have more energymore confidence… and your body will be hard at work burning away resistant fat—even while you're resting or taking a day off!  

EVERY video was filmed by videographers in a professional television studio featuring the highest quality digital technology available right at your fingertips… on your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV!

14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown Challenge
4-Minute Belly Blasters

Burn MORE Fat In 4-Minutes That An Entire HOUR Of Traditional Exercise…

Time. It's our most precious commodity in life.

And this is exactly why we created the 'follow-along' 4-minute belly blaster videos.

Based on cutting-edge research using strategic movements, rest-periods, and intensity levels which have been proven to BOOST your metabolism for a full TWO DAYS afterwards.

Whether you're short on time or you just want to get it done fast, these 10 follow-along videos are the ultimate back-up plan when 'life-happens'.

In as little as 4-minutes you can stimulate your body to burn fat and calories for a full 38 to 48 hours afterwards.

No silly crunches. No spine-stressing sit-ups. Just 4-minutes of the most effective ab-shredding exercises. Get ready to melt resistant fat faster than you EVER have.

14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown Challenge Training Manual

A 'How-To' Guide For Increasing Super-Hormone Levels Rapidly & Consistently…

Inside this digital bonus guide we've laid out a simple step-by-step blueprint revealing all of our best fat-burning tips and tricks to accelerate your results even further.

You'll discover…

  • A simple pre-workout ritual (requiring ZERO-effort) which will allow your body to access 'resistant' fat-cells TWICE as fast than normal…
  • User-friendly follow-along workout charts and images explaining step-by-step how to move 'smarter', while stimulating your pituitary gland to squirt more anti-aging growth hormone into your blood stream…
  • A detailed training schedule showing you the most effective way to set up your weekly workouts for FASTER fat-loss…
  • An exercise database featuring dozens of alternative super-hormone activating movements you can use to keep your body and mind stimulated for maximum motivation and consistency…

It doesn't get more done-for-you than this. All of it will be instantly accessible in a PDF format on the digital device of your choice.

14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown Challenge Beginner Modifications Training Guide

Instantly Activate Your Super-Hormone At ANY Fitness Level…

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran with some type of limitation this bonus Exercise Modification Guide will show you exactly to modify our super-hormone activating exercises to match your current level of fitness.

You'll have instant access to exercise photos and descriptions which will show you exactly how you can use our follow-along workouts EVEN IF you have back, knee, shoulder, hip or other physical limitations.

These modification tricks will get you the fastest possible results WITHOUT the risk of injury.

No matter what fitness level you're currently at this manual will ensure ANY person over 35 years old can use the precise movements necessary for releasing a SURGE of growth-hormone.

Get ready for painless fat-burning success—regardless of age, gender, experience or limitations!

14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown Challenge Exercise Log Sheets

The Evidence-Based Way To Achieve Your Belly-Flattening Goals Faster Than EVER Before

Although our super-hormone workouts can be completed in as little as 4 to 10 minutes there is one simple tool that will ensure you NEVER fall off track… Exercise Log Sheets.

It may sound a bit silly at first, yet multiple weight loss studies prove tracking your success using our follow-along workout logs will KEEP you in the game

Just look at what the published research says about using this guide…

  • You'll WANT to exercise more [22]... and c'mon, we're only talking 4-10 minutes!
  • You'll be more consistent! [23]
  • You'll avoid weight loss plateaus.
  • You'll lose more weight (and KEEP it off). [24]
  • You'll achieve your weight loss goals FASTER and EASIER than ever before. [24]

These log sheets have literally been the 'difference-maker' for Catherine and thousands of our other students.

By using this bonus guide you'll get the immediate gratification of watching your trouble spots get tighter while losing up to 14 pounds of 'resistant' fat in the next 14 days!

Remember, it's all backed by science and supported by decades of laboratory research.

And it's easy to do. Which means you'll keep doing it and get the results you want—and deserve—because it takes so little time…

You won't even have to worry about restrictive, impossible diets OR having to give up the foods you love!

EVERYTHING will be at your fingertips on your favorite device.

CLOSED To The General Public For The Last 3 Years—Now Officially Open Again

LIMITED TIME Special New Release Price
When You Take Action Today!

Three years ago when Craig and I first made this program available to the general public it was far more expensive to participate because we used 2-day 'live' events with a destination location.

It didn't take long to realize it was overly-expensive for the average person.

By the time you add up the total combined cost of buying a pass for the event… a plane ticket… a hotel room… along with meals each day our students would easily spend over $1,500 dollars just to learn our strategies for one weekend.

Then we moved to a weekly classes in Tampa (where I live) and Toronto (where Craig lives) but it still wasn't even scratching the surface of our goal to help 10 million people.

Not to mention we had to charge $97 per month, minimum, just to cover our overhead—a total of almost $1200 per year for each person who wanted to learn our Super Hormone Activation Sequences.

Fortunately, Craig just happens to be very savvy with technology so he came up with a brilliant idea to give everyone a huge discount.

And it's a 'win-win' for everybody involved.

It's simple. We give you a $50 discount when you take action today…. and we start moving quickly towards our goal of helping 10 million people.

You get in the best shape of your life and watch your body transform in record-time… we get the honor and pleasure of helping you improve EVERY area of your life by losing up to 14 pounds of 'resistant' fat in the next 14 days!

It's time to say 'good-bye' to the time-consuming risks of conventional exercise and 'hello' to Super Hormone Activation!

Remember to ACT FAST before our member's area fills up and we can no longer accept new clients.

We pride ourselves on making sure EVERY person is catered to properly so we have to limit members otherwise our team can't handle the customer service requests.

Just click the Add To Cart button and you'll get instant digital access to everything on your favorite device…

Click Add To Cart Below To Instantly Access
The 'Members Only' Website & Activate Your
Limited Time-New Release Discount…

Includes 24 Follow-Along SUPER HORMONE Activating Workouts Filmed In A Professional Television Studio
PLUS: 3 FREE Bonus Gifts

Retail Price:


Limited Time
New Release Price:


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The 14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown
60-Day Rapid-Results Money Back Guarantee

If You Don't See Your Belly Get Flatter & Your 'Resistant Spots' Get Firmer In The Next
2-Weeks We'll Gladly
Refund EVERY Dollar You Spend!

In today's day and age most people's skepticism is at an all-time high thanks to untrustworthy advertisers and other hyped-up weight loss scams…

… Which is why we want to make you an offer you can't refuse with our 60-Day Rapid-Results Money Back Guarantee.

  • You'll feel the instant boost of daily energy as you reawaken your brain's master-gland (your pituitary) to BOOST Growth Hormone up to 771%. If you don't have an extra 'pep in your step' within the first few days… we'll refund you every dollar.
  • You'll overcome the scary symptoms of Growth Hormone Age-Related Deficiency (somatopause) so you can…

    Sustain a strong immune system… increase lean calorie-burning muscle… sharpen all your senses… and boost your libido and sexual function.
  • Your self-esteem will soar just like Catherine and so many other men and women we've coached. In as little as 14 days if your spouse, significant other, family, friends, and co-workers don't take notice of your newfound confidence… we'll refund you every dollar.
  • Your skin will become more youthful as your body is flooded with the 'youth-enhancing' chemicals responsible for aging your body backwards.
  • You'll rejuvenate your mind. If you don't experience a sharper memory, laser like focus, clearer thinking and calmer thoughts… we'll refund you every dollar.
  • Your aches and pains will quickly disappear as your hormones begin to repair themselves and inflammation quickly disappears.
  • You'll fight off today's most deadly-diseases and health challenges. As soon as your Super Hormone is optimized properly your insulin sensitivity will increase and your arteries will quickly start delivering more life-giving oxygen and blood to your brain and body.

    If your worries for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease don't become a thing of the past… we'll refund you every dollar.
  • Your sexual desire will SKYROCKET! If your libido and sex-drive doesn't increase and you don't experience greater pleasure in your love life… we'll refund you every dollar.
  • Your stubborn body parts will get 'tighter' and your belly will quickly look FLATTER as you maximize Growth Hormone to 'target' and incinerate 'resistant' fat-cells.

If you don't visually SEE a dramatic change in your body after following along with us for 14 days… we'll refund you every dollar.

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It's Time To Eliminate Any Excuses Holding You Back From Achieving Your Peak Fat-Burning Potential

The FIRST goal Craig and I wanted to achieve when bringing our system to the masses was simple…

Make sure NOTHING gets in the way of our goal of helping 10 million people like you transform their body and life using our Super Hormone Activation Sequences.

So we went above and beyond to ELIMINATE any and all excuses.

  • We wanted to make sure age or physical limitations were not an excuse
  • So we created modifications to ensure ANY person can lose up to ONE pound per day for the first few days, which will SKYROCKET your motivation to ensure you are consistently energized mentally and physically.
  • We wanted to make sure time was not an excuse
  • So we created 4-minute belly-blasters for beginners (and experienced) protocols to ensure success for EVERY person—regardless of time restrictions.
  • We wanted to make sure having access to equipment or a gym membership was not an excuse
  • So we created a system of unique bodyweight ONLY movements specifically designed to 'reactivate' your Super Hormone—WITHOUT the need of a treadmill, a bicycle, free weights or fancy machines.
  • We wanted to make sure money to pay for an expensive personal trainer or dietician was not an excuse
  • So we created a unique way to access EVERYTHING from ANY device (at any time) for one low-price.
  • We wanted to make sure lack of motivation or energy was not an excuse
  • So we created a proven way to ensure you get the FASTEST results possible in the first few days, which will SKYROCKET your energy to ensure you are consistently motivated.
  • We wanted to make sure lack of experience or knowledge was not an excuse
  • So we created Step-By-Step follow-along videos with detailed instructions from beginning until the very end so we are there WITH YOU every step of the way.

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We've helped thousands of people
and we want YOU to be next…

Lost 3 Pounds and 1.4% Body Fat While Going to the Gym Less
Demond Thompson testimonial photo

Doing 14 Day Meltdown Training was a different paradigm for me. I used to go to the gym 4-5 times a week for weight training, and I never did cardio. For the past 2 weeks, I only went to the gym 3 times per week and added Meltdown Training, which really kicked up the fat loss. What I'm really excited about is that I gained in the areas I wanted to (except chest), and I lost inches in the places I wanted to.

Demond Thompson
Lost 22 Pounds and 7.35% Body Fat
John Simpson testimonial photo

I began training for an upcoming Warrior Dash in Sept with my teenage son. This was a big help as I wanted to set a good example for him and it would be hard to encourage him if I was eating poorly and skipping workouts. Doing this with coaches is a major plus… and finally for the first time in my life I have six-pack abs.

John Simpson
Fits into Her Jeans Again After Losing 21 Pounds and 9.5 Inches
Cleo Jahraus testimonial photo

While I wasn't feeling horrible about myself, or my weight, I knew that I could do better for myself… What I discovered from the 14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown Challenge is that when you're enjoying what you're doing, workouts seem less like 'work' and more like 'fun'… Thanks Dan & Craig – I can fit into those jeans again!

Cleo Jahraus
Lost 16.8 Pounds of Pure Fat
Mark Rogers testimonial photo

My goal was to lose 13 pounds of fat, and I surpassed that goal. I lost 16.8 pounds of pure fat and gained 1.3 pounds of lean body mass using the 14 Day Meltdown Challenge, as well as following almost all of the tips contained in that manual… I'm thrilled with my transformation!

Mark Rogers
Challenged Herself and Lost 11 Pounds and 3.6% Body Fat
Heather Louch testimonial photo

When I pick a challenging Meltdown workout, I am happiest. When I select workouts that are too easy for me, I slide into a lazy zone. I wanted to avoid the lazy zone… I needed to lose about 10 lbs to get back the body I had at the end of September… and I achieved that goal and can now easily fit back into the clothes that I was wearing in April without any uncomfortable snugness or unsightly bulges of flesh.

Heather Louch
Lost 51 Pounds and Gained a New Lease on Life
Marcus Tironi testimonial photo

I feel like a different and better person with a new lease on life. I have lost 51 pounds but I know the fight is not over… In my opinion, even more important than myself starting down the right path as far as exercise and nutrition is the effect it has had on my immediate family. My wife and two sons ages 10 and 12 have decided they want this lifestyle.

Marcus Tironi
Lost 12 Pounds While Finding Her Solution to Cardio
Dawne Livingstone testimonial photo

I have always believed in order to succeed I needed to be on the treadmill for at least an hour a session… I was not sure that 4 minutes of a workout would work. Well I tried it for two weeks and loved it. I then started to do the belly blaster meltdown sessions and this was definitely my solution for the cardio part of an exercise program.

Dawne Livingstone
Lost 18 Pounds and 4 Inches Around His Waist
Rob McCann testimonial photo

I'm back to a weight that I've only seen once since those first years out of college. My pants are all loose. My belt is pulled up to the last hole, and it's time to go get some smaller jeans and dress pants so I don't look like I'm trying to sag like the younger folks… Finishing the challenge and accomplishing that goal only gives me more motivation to set new goals and accomplish them, too!

Rob McCann

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The bonus side-effects of reactivating your Super Hormone and overcoming 'Somatopause' quickly carry over to improve EVERY area of your health...

Your heart… your arteries… your brain… your hormones… even your lifestyle will FEEL the difference in as little as 14 days.

Improves Artery Health Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease

THREE 10-minute Super Hormone Activating protocols per week can increase flexibility in your arteries. [14]

Another published research study also showed performing just ONE single Super Hormone Activating Sequence per week significantly lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease over a 16-year span.[15]

Now you can greatly increase the strength of your heart, while preventing the formulation of life threatening plaque in as little as 10 minutes!

This also means you'll utilize oxygen more efficiently, which helps increase cellular energy and increase fat-burning even further.

SAVES You Time & Increases Motivation

Super Hormone Activation Sequences RIDS your life of 2 NAGGING problems associated with traditional exercise routines…

1) Takes too much time.. and 2) Requires too much motivation and discipline…

NO more long, tedious, BORING (and potentially dangerous) exercise sessions.

You can get all the results you desire in as little as 4 to 10 minutes per day!

And you get the hormonal benefits of energy enhancement.

BOOSTS Your Brain Power & Reduces Stress Levels

When you follow-along with us and use our anti-aging movements your brain will automatically produce more dopamine and serotonin – known as your body's "happy" hormones, which are known for increasing focus and reducing stress.

In other words, your stressful situations and daily problems will—all-of-a-sudden—just start to roll off your back. No more letting other people in your life stress you out or bring you down.

You'll be leaner AND happier in less than 14 days from now.

FIGHTS High Blood Sugar & Prevents Diabetes

Want to improve your insulin sensitivity and FIGHT against diabetes?

We have some great news… using our fat-burning shortcut as little as two times per week can reduce fasting glucose levels more than any other exercise type.

And get this… the increased benefit will still be there up to 9 months later! [15]

Research also shows you can improve insulin sensitivity by an average of 24% after only 4 weeks.[15]

This also ensures all the carbs you eat will get burned as fuel (rather than being stored as fat) because you'll increase glycogen synthesis.

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No Longer Skeptical After Losing 6 Pounds
Ana Maria Olvera Rodriguez testimonial photo

I didn't know if this was going to work, but now I can see and say that it works and works really well… It's hard for me to believe that I have lost all this weight, but when I go shopping I note that I need to look for different sizes. I used to buy clothes at a store where the smallest size is 14, now I enter that store and they tell me that I won't find my size there, I enjoy that, now I need to look for new stores.

Ana Maria Olvera Rodriguez
Crazy Busy Father of Four Loses 36 Pounds and 8.2% Body Fat
Terry Hoover testimonial photo

In just a few weeks, this crazy busy 42 year old father of four (and husband of one) went from a very out of shape 250 pounds to a getting fit 214 pounder. I lost 36 pounds, 6.5 inches off my waist, and reduced my bodyfat over 8%. I'm still a crazy busy father of four, but, with the help of Craig and Dan's coaching, I've figured out how to incorporate a very effective fitness routine into my schedule.

Terry Hoover
Lost 12 Pounds and Feels Like a New Person
Sadie testimonial photo

Never thought I could reach the point where I could do 48 pushups and 60 squats in a single workout!!! Those kinds of milestones really motivated me to do more, and work harder to achieve my goal… There is a new me, one who is confident and prepared to make any changes necessary to achieve whatever I desire in my life.

Lost 30.5 Pounds and 11% Body Fat
Tamas testimonial photo

The 14 Day Meltdown Challenge was a Birthday gift from my son, and I wanted to prove to myself, and my family, that I really could stick to the plan and achieve great results. I started working out and realized that with proper nutrition and brief, demanding bodyweight resistance training, I could get more work done, have better overall energy, and improve my blood markers.

Gave TT a Try and Ended Up Losing 12 Pounds and 3.5 Inches
Kes Smith testimonial photo

At first I was reluctant to try the challenge because I didn't want to get bulky. Like a lot of women, I felt like I would end up looking like Arnie. I decided to give it a try… and I was impressed! I lost a lot of ugly belly fat and inches off my waist and even my thighs. I got more into the workouts and I was hooked on trying to bump up my performance. I wasn't getting bulky, I was getting toned!

Kes Smith
Lost 6 Pounds and 4.5% Body Fat
Susannah testimonial photo

After years of trying to find a fitness program that worked for me, I finally found the 14 day belly fat meltdown challenge… I was looking for a scaled-down (in terms of time – who has 4 hours to work out, like we did in high school?), but still tough, program. The payoff has been worth it. I've seen rapid progress in my fitness… I look better in clothes… My friends, coworkers, boyfriend and mom all noticed right away.

Lost 31.7 Pounds and 30.75 Inches using Bodyweight Cardio
Jason Davie testimonial photo

I was sedentary, overweight and unhappy. After much deliberation and putting my excuses aside I began my 14 Day Transformation… Let me just say straight up that I have lost 31.7 pounds and almost 31 inches from my body repeating the program several times! With Dan & Craig's coaching, I can use it anywhere and anytime without any equipment, in fact, I used the 4 Min Belly Blasters all week while I was away camping.

Jason Davie
Lost 6 Pounds and 3% Body Fat at the Age of 51
Kerry Zelanka testimonial photo

This 14-day challenge has given me the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle, and I have gotten concrete results. Losing a few pounds, and looking better in the mirror is most rewarding, but from a total health standpoint, the change in my bloodwork at my yearly physical exam was totally gratifying. I owe that to the amazing coaches Craig & Dan.

Kerry Zelanka

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When You Have Access To This
Super Hormone Activating System
You Don't Need To Even Follow A Diet!

If you made it this far and you're still reading you may be thinking, "What about my diet?"…

Fair question.

Well, I have some refreshing news because when you have access to our Super Hormone Activation Sequences research show you can even OUT-TRAIN a BAD diet.

Now we're not saying you can binge on fattening foods all day long, but when you look at this study you'll quickly see why your diet should NEVER be an obstacle for achieving your goals if you're following-along with our 14 Day Belly Fat Meltdown videos

Just look at this study.

45 overweight and obese Australian women were separated into one of two groups:

Group A performed three 20-minute Super Hormone Activation Sequences per week.

Group B performed 40 minutes of slow, steady-state cardio three times per week.

Please note Group B exercised TWICE as long as Group A.

Quite frankly, the end results were remarkable.

Despite continuing with a terrible diet, those who followed the Super Hormone Activation Sequences (Group A) lost significantly MORE fat directly from their bellies, legs, and even their butts.

However, despite exercising for twice as long, the steady cardio group didn't lose fat at all (in fact, one subject even gained 2.2 pounds after 15 weeks of slow cardio).

It's also important to note that NO changes were made to their diet.

This is typically unheard of in the weight-loss world but one subject, named Louise, lost over 15 pounds without changing her terrible eating habits.

In fact, she was quoted as saying this about her nutrition during the study, "My diet was pretty bad back then, with lots of sweets, lots of junk food. I kept eating the same things, doughnuts and sugar, it was awful."

So Louise was able to out-train her horrendous diet with our Super Hormone Activation Sequences.

If she could do it eating ALL those 'junk foods' it's pretty logical to conclude YOU can too!

In other words, you can still burn belly fat, while tightening and toning your stubborn body parts even if you can't stick to any kind of diet!

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It's The Rarely Talked About Secret
Of Hollywood Stars & Celebrities
NOBODY Ever Talks About

Everybody always wants to follow the latest celebrity diet or detox of the week, but the real secret is NOT their nutrition plan.

Their REAL secret is having a coach to follow along with…

There are dozens of examples which prove it [16]… 

  • Ben Affleck ate 6-7 small meals per day with 45% carbs getting ready for his role in Batman…
  • When Naomi Watts was getting ready for her films, like King Kong, she focused on lean cuts of chicken, fish, nuts, fruits, and green tea.

    She's also LOVES her cheat meals and is a big fan of bread and pizza. She told, "I'm not going to go to Paris and push a salad around my plate. I'm going to Paris to have bread and treats and good wine.".

  • Men's Health published an article saying that in order to get back into Gladiator shape, Russell Crowe adopted a gluten-free diet.
  • According to Men's Health U.K. Hugh Jackman used a version of intermittent fasting with a very HIGH protein diet in his role for Wolverine in the X-Men films.
  • When Kerry Washington played her role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie she adopted a holistic approach to her diet, which focuses on lean protein and veggies.

You see, it doesn't matter what type of diet you follow… as long as you follow one and keep the basic nutrition rules in mind…

Drink lots of water… avoid processed foods… eat a balance of healthy proteins, carbs, and fats… it's not complicated or rocket science.

Now you you can reactive Growth Hormone to regulate your metabolism and avoid fat-storage—no matter WHAT diet you follow!

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